Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy gives you time to organize and resolve your debts without harassing phone calls, letters, and collection lawsuits. It is a program established under the Constitution, that allows you to resolve your debt and rebuild your financial future.

Cindy Lee Hill, as your attorney for bankruptcy, helps you define the problem, determine the viable options and helps you choose the best option to deal with debt issues. Cindy Hill guides you in making detailed disclosures about your debts, assets, income, and other relevant information.

When filing for bankruptcy you must list all your assets, debts, and income in great detail and have them administered by the court. Most Debtors can exempt and keep their homes, cars and other important assets. In California, certain assets are exempt (or protected) from bankruptcy. Cindy Hill helps you determine which assets can be protected from sale and disposal.

In all personal bankruptcies, the court appoints a trustee, who oversees your bankruptcy. The trustee plays an important role in resolving your debt, even though their duties vary depending on your type of bankruptcy filing. As your lawyer, Cindy Hill helps you comply with the trustee’s demands and negotiates with the trustee on your behalf.

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